Have layoff notices been issued?


We had been told that layoff notices would go out March 31, and it seems to have come and gone with no notices. There seemed to be a 90-day-notice window driving this date. Will we have an update soon so we can make plans?


As of April 1, some units have issued notices of layoff, non-renewal or contract reduction. However, the process of crafting a plan to manage the UAF budget gap has been slower than anticipated, so many units are awaiting more information before implementing their reduction plans. For UAF as a whole, even our best-case scenario of a $26 million budget gap will likely mean at least 300 people and positions affected. Some of those are vacant positions that will remain unfilled, some will be contract reductions, and others will be layoffs or non-renewal of contracts. That means there will be additional notices going out in the coming weeks or months, as our state funding levels become more certain and the UA Board of Regents gives their input on proposed reductions. Affected employees will receive due notice in-person directly from their supervisors or HR. More broadly, updates on the budget gap and its effects will be shared, as available, via the Cornerstone employee newsletter and via messages from UAF leadership.