I have a few questions about what trainings are actually required for me as a student


I have a few questions about what trainings are actually required for me as a student. I received an email from the Chancellor’s Office day saying that I had to do Haven and Alcohol.edu every year. I went to the Dean of Students office website to see if I could get an exemption to the alcohol.edu since I am well over 40 and the training is clearly geared toward first-year students. It says Alcohol.edu is only required for students 25 years old or younger (or students of any age who reside on campus). This does not match the email I received from the Chancellor’s Office, so I am confused. Do I have to redo alcohol.edu or don’t I?

Also, why are nondegree students exempt from all of these trainings? I don’t mean to sound flippant, but are they really less likely to have issues with alcohol or sexual discrimination/harassment/assault? It makes it all seem less sincere when a good percentage of the population is exempt by virtue of the fact that they simply aren’t interested in getting a diploma at the moment.


Thank you for asking about the mandatory trainings at UAF. AlcoholEDU is required of students under the age of 25. The specific Title IX training depends on your age. There are several groups of students that have been identified to take these trainings. There are no exemptions for the trainings unless there are extenuating circumstances. The trainings are required to be completed every year; however, we are looking into a shortened version of the trainings once the initial ones have been done

I have included links below to several documents that should be helpful:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have concerns about the trainings please contact the Dean of Students office or the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

— Laura McCollough, Dean of Students