Could UAF move to a two-year catalog cycle?


Our catalog is currently updated every year and seems to require a lot of time and energy to update, proofread and post online, never mind having to code/recode all the software (Degreeworks/Banner, to name two) to accommodate it.  Have we considered moving to a two-year catalog cycle, like SUNY Potsdam, University of Illinois at Chicago, Cal State San Marcos and University of Texas at Austin?


It’s true that the catalog takes a lot of time and energy for multiple offices. However, we have recently moved to a new content management platform (CourseLeaf) for our catalog. CourseLeaf will make it easier to manage catalog content and has a workflow component for curriculum updates.

UAF did publish a two-year catalog several times in the past (1979-81, 1987-89, for example) and we may decide to do that again at some point. However, we would need to know that program changes could wait for that length of time. Right now, with Strategic Pathways and other initiatives, we expect there will be multiple program changes (additions, deletions) per year.

— Mike Earnest, registrar and director of enrollment services, UAF Office of Admissions and the Registrar