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UAF in the news: week of Jan. 14, 2008

Submitted by Marmian Grimes
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Rockets will return to Poker Flat Research Station
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
The skies will be quiet over Poker Flat Research Range this winter; there are no rockets scheduled to launch. But anticipated funding increases to the NASA sounding rocket program should keep the range busy and the skies north of Fairbanks alight with rockets in the coming years. Read more ...

Ocean film festival returns to Dillingham
Bristol Bay Times
The Alaska Ocean Film Festival, designed to celebrate the ocean's bounty, makes a return trip to Dillingham this year. Read more ...

Artificial reefs installed north of Juneau
Arctic Sounder
In an experimental project designed to enhance near-shore marine habitat, state and federal agencies and the University of Alaska Fairbanks cooperated to build two artificial reefs made of stone 18- to 15-feet deep in Lynn Canal. Read more ...

Women's ranks rise at colleges
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Women are still underrepresented in American boardrooms and they still earn less than men, but U.S. census figures released Thursday show they continue to outnumber men in college classrooms and on commencement day - a trend some call troubling. Read more ...

Mercury in Alaska fish: Something else to worry about
Cordova Times
For the most part, most Alaska fish species have relatively low levels of mercury, but there are a few exceptions to consider. In a recent University of Alaska study, 17 freshwater and 24 anadromous and marine fish species were examined for concentrations of methyl mercury, MeHg, the most toxic form to humans. Read more ...

Alaska's Hubbard Glacier refuses to fade away
Alaska Report
Fairbanks, Alaska - As you read this, a rogue glacier is again threatening a small town. Russell Glacier north of Yakutat crept to within 100 yards of Gilbert Point in June of 2007. George Kalli took this photo in May 2007. Read more ...

UAF teams up with Finland school
KTUU and Associated Press
FAIRBANKS, Alaska-The University of Alaska Fairbanks is linking up with the University of Lapland in Finland. Read more ...