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AlaskaOne launches quieter version of fundraising drive

Submitted by Tammy Tragis
Phone: 907-474-1890


AlaskaOne, the public television network for KUAC Fairbanks, KYUK Bethel and KTOO Juneau, quietly kicked off its annual spring television fundraiser this week. AlaskaOne continues to provide exceptional news and public affairs, children's, music and performance programming as part of its programming schedule March 1 through March 16.

Last summer, AlaskaOne made the decision to keep its core program schedule intact during the fundraiser, foregoing pledge specials typically aired during public television fundraisers across the nation.

"We're one of a very small group of public television stations across the country choosing to decrease the amount of time we commit to on-air fundraising," says KUAC/AlaskaOne CEO and general manager Greg Petrowich. "We want to maintain the integrity of our program schedule and, at the same time, focus our efforts on sustaining and strengthening the relationships we've created with our viewers."

This fundraising change means AlaskaOne will be airing some of viewers' favorite programs rather than special fundraising programs with hosts from outside the community. In place of these canned national spots, members of the community are featured in local spots that reflect the ways AlaskaOne meets their needs, changes their lives and serves our community. Carla Browning, Randi Carnahan, Rick Caulfield, Todd Hoener, Jeri Wigdahl and Bill Wright are just some of the familiar faces that have volunteered their support.

While traditional public broadcasting funding sources continue to decline, viewer support is AlaskaOne's most reliable and fasting growing source of income. This fundraiser looks different; it is a fresh, understated look to public television fundraising. Pledges can be made by calling 907-474-7491 during regular business hours or anytime online at www.alaskaone.org.