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KUAC tops record with fall fundraiser

Submitted by Tammy Tragis-McCook
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Photo caption below.
Photo by Jerry Evans
Members of KUAC staff and volunteers from 168th ARW National Guard celebrate after airing Postcards, the last program of the fundraiser. We are proud to say the tally number was incorrect at the time the photo was taken, because pledges were still being made online.
Public radio supporters pledged more than $200,000 over the past nine days during KUAC's fall fundraiser.

The final tally for the fundraiser was $228,478, topping the station's $175,000 goal by nearly a third. More than 200 volunteers answered phones or solicited donations on air. Their efforts inspired more than 1,500 pledges, nearly 300 of those from new members.

"If you take away the dollar totals you still see an amazing community coming out in full support of a radio station and an organization that provides such a vital service to thousands of Alaskans both here in the state and abroad," said Greg Petrowich, KUAC/AlaskaOne CEO and general manager.

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