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UAF remains open despite the cold weather

Submitted by Carla Browning
Phone: 907-474-7778


UAF will reopen for regular business as scheduled Jan. 5 despite the cold weather.

It's unlikely the Fairbanks campus would ever be completely closed due to weather conditions. Staff and faculty should use caution when traveling to and from campus. The decision to cancel classes, advise employees to stay at home, postpone or cancel university activities and major events is made only by the chancellor or designee. If individual faculty members are unable to hold classes, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to notify the dean's office or department chair as soon as possible so that the department's emergency communication plan can be implemented and students notified.

Decisions to allow employees to not report to work or to leave work early and return home as a result of severe weather or other conditions during any period in which the chancellor has not declared closure will be the responsibility of the dean or director. Time lost from work under such circumstances will normally be charged to accrued annual leave or leave without pay. For more information, please refer to the UAF weather closure policy at www.uaf.edu/marketing/crisisplan/CampusClosure.pdf

In the event of a closure or a campus emergency, information will be available on UAF's recorded hotline at (907) 474-7UAF/474-7823. Information will also be disseminated via the website, fax, e-mail and local news broadcasts.

Parking on campus in cold weather"
Parking Services would like to remind staff, faculty and students parking on campus that when the temperature drops below -25 the headbolt heaters do not cycle, but should remain on at all times. All motorists should have an indicator light and check to make sure they have power when plugging in. If the headbolt is not working, choose another parking space. Please also make note of the number of the nonfunctional headbolt and alert parking services by calling 474-7000. Parking Services also offers complimentary services such as vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts.

Visitors parking on campus have access to headbolt heaters if they purchase a parking permit at the parking kiosks. These permits work just like a UAF decal and allow parking in UAF decal required lots throughout campus.

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