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"Biofuel Blast" planned for 4-H National Youth Science Day

Submitted by Debbie Carter
Phone: 907-474-5406


Biofuel Blast logo
The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service invites youths around Alaska to explore alternative fuels and celebrate 4-H National Youth Science Day Oct. 7 with a "Biofuel Blast." Participants in the Biofuel Blast will conduct a national science experiment developed by the University of Wisconsin Extension and Wisconsin 4-H. The experiment will teach participants how to convert organic materials to biofuel, which in turn can be used to supply energy. Many Alaska 4-H districts have planned their own Biofuel Blast activities that are open to all youths. Experiment kits are also available to classroom teachers and others.

Check with your regional 4-H district offices to see what activities are planned and how you can participate. Visit www.uaf.edu/ces and follow the links for more information on the Biofuel Blast and how to contact your regional 4-H office. The Biofuel Blast is part of National 4-H Week, scheduled for Oct. 4-10.

CONTACT: Marla Lowder, Tanana District 4-H and youth development agent, at 907-474-2427 or via e-mail at fnmkl1@uaf.edu. Debbie Carter, UAF Cooperative Extension Service public information officer, at 907-474-5406 or dscarter@alaska.edu.