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New DVD, lessons added to food preservation series

Submitted by Debbie Carter
Phone: 907-474-5406


The Cooperative Extension Service has developed several new how-to food preservation resources.

A new DVD will guide sausage and jerky makers, and six new interactive online food preservation lessons have been launched. All are part of Extension's Preserving Alaska's Bounty series, which helps Alaskans preserve native foods. Tanana District agent Roxie Dinstel provides a step-by-step guide to processing and storing meat in "Sausage and Jerky," the sixth DVD in the series. Special care needs to be taken in the process because of food safety concerns, she said.

Other DVDs in the series demonstrate canning basics, canning meat and fish in jars and cans, pickling and drying foods. Copies may be ordered through Extension district offices, online through Extension's DVD and video catalog at www.uaf.edu/ces/pubs or by calling 877-520-5211.

The new online food preservation lessons combine written, audio and video instructions. Topics include pickling vegetables, making sauerkraut, infusing vinegar, making sausage, making jerky and assembling a can sealer. The lessons require a Flash player. Altogether, 14 Flash modules may be viewed at www.uaf.edu/ces/preservingalaskasbounty.

A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture supports the Preserving Alaska's Bounty series.

CONTACT: Roxie Dinstel, health, home and family development agent, 907-474-2426 or rrdinstel@alaska.edu. Debbie Carter, Cooperative Extension Service public information officer, at 907-474-5406 or via e-mail at dscarter@alaska.edu.