Nine Sustainability student projects approved by chancellor

Twice annually the Student RISE Board and the Office of Sustainability accept grant proposals to support UAF’s sustainability initiatives. Funding preference is given to projects that invest in energy efficiency programs and renewable energy projects. RISE — Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy — is an ASUAF associated student board. The goal of the grant program is to endorse promising student ideas for a more sustainable future.

This spring, nine student-led projects totaling $128,140 were chosen for funding. One of the projects enthusiastically supported was Glass Pulverizer. Glass recycling just started in December with UAF collecting over 10,000 pounds weekly. Crushed glass can be used on campus as an aggregate for use in concrete, fill material, traction control, as a decorative landscape material and mixed in potting mixes to replace sand. Projects funded in the past can be viewed in more detail online.

Spring 2011 Sustainability Student Projects Funded

·       Glass Pulverizer $13,000
·       Fairbanks Local Shopping/Restaurant Guide $750
·       Student Generated Sustainability $300
·       UAF Student CSA Share Plan $9000
·       SCTF Initiative for Efficient Vending $295
·       Interactive Dashboard $84,000
·       Honors Program Energy Saving Sustainable Appliances $4145
·       Carbon Emissions Inventory $10,650
·       Phase 2: SRC Solar PV Project  $5000

For more information contact the Student RISE Board at or Michelle Hèbert in the Office of Sustainability at