How to report problems to Facilities Services


Is there a spot to input requests for facilities without going through the work order system? While taking walk breaks around campus, I’ve noticed a few things that need to get taken care of, but I don’t know where to report those.

An example: Along North Chandler Drive, between Stuart Hall and the Fire Department, there are bushes that have grown over the sidewalk. To walk past that area, you either have to step off the sidewalk and into the road or duck under the branches. It would be great if those could be pruned regularly.


The UAF Facilities Services Customer Service Center provides a central point of contact for the campus community.

Questions and requests regarding any of the services provided by Facilities Services can be addressed by calling 474-7000 or emailing

You might also check with the building coordinator to see if the issue has been addressed. You’ll find a list at

— Karrah Hearns, customer service coordinator, Operations Division, Facilities Services