Who paid for the turkeys being donated from Chartwells?


I am proud of our campus community for making such generous donations to fund the turkeys. I understand from the text on the donation boxes and from talking to Chartwells staff that customer donations are paying for the turkeys (not the company). I’m concerned that Chartwells will get the credit, as implied in the Cornerstone headline “Chartwells, UAF donate turkeys to Fairbanks food bank” and as happened with the water bottles given last year. Also, I would like to suggest that the next food drive be directed at our own UAF food pantry.


Chartwells hosted the initiative for the university community to donate. The article recognizes the generosity of the campus community and acknowledges Chartwells for organizing the program through the purchase, delivery and promotion of the event. This was truly a collaborative effort by all.

Thank you for your donation suggestion. We will pass it along to Chartwells. Please feel free to contact the Chartwells leadership team at Mark.Joyce@compass-usa.com with any other suggestions or feedback.​

— Erika Lower, Dining Services

I wrote the headline, but I recognize it is misleading. The headline has been modified to be more clear.

— Tori Tragis, Cornerstone editor