Post office changes


How come there hasn’t been any information about changes to the post office?


From Martin Klein, Facilities Services

As a cost savings measure, the UAF Post Office will be changing how services are delivered to customers. The counter service will be discontinued Oct. 1. A kiosk will be installed in August. The kiosk will allow you to mail packages and purchase postage using a credit card, which is something we haven’t offered in the past.
Package pick up will remain as it is now with box holders receiving notice of packages in their boxes and pick up at a window from noon- 3 p.m. MondayFriday.  Later this year, UAF will be installing package lockers to allow box holders to pick up packages from a locker using a code. Oversize packages will still be available at the window. Hours may be adjusted depending on the volume.
The changes were made due to rising costs. The U.S Postal Service had subsidized the contract station for many years, but the subsidies did not keep pace with the costs of operations.
If you have feedback for how this is working, please let us know by filling out a customer feedback form.