Price increases for duplication services at Rasmuson Library


Why hasn’t the signage and library website been updated to indicate the huge price increase in video duplication services? I was planning on paying the $7.50 copy price since that’s what it says at in addition to the physical price list displayed in a plastic holder at the front desk. However, I was informed today that it is now $20 per copy! Why has the price more than doubled, and why aren’t customers seeing this in writing?


Thank you for your question about increased prices for having video and other items duplicated at Rasmuson Library. It has been more than 15 years since we set the price for duplicating this type of item. Recently we learned that we were substantially undercutting private businesses. This violates UA policy (BOR Policy 05.15 “Auxiliary Service Enterprises, Recharge Centers, and Self Funded Activities”, specifically P05.15.060 “Competition with Private Sector”),​ so we have revised our prices accordingly. We have updated our website with the new price structure and an explanation of this change.
— Suzan Hahn, UAF interim dean of libraries