Restroom cleanliness


I know that due to budget constraints custodial services have been cut back. But the conditions in Bunnell are far worse than Gruening or Signers’. There is blood on the floor of the third floor women’s bathroom and trash is frequently overflowing in this bathroom. Dirt on the floors and halls is livable, but the bathrooms are unsanitary.


Our two UAF custodial inspectors are working with the contractor to improve services, and feedback from the UAF community is imperative to our success, and to a safe and sanitary campus. There are several ways to provide feedback and receive a response to issues. Restrooms are equipped with QR code stickers on the mirror. Scanning the code and submitting the issue results in an automatic email to both the contractor and the UAF inspectors. The submitter should receive an email response back from the contractor stating when the issue will be fixed. Another avenue is to submit custodial concerns through the customer feedback form at The third avenue is to call Facilities Services Customer Service Center at 474-7000 and the concern will be emailed to both the contractor and the inspectors.

Service to offices has decreased, but service to highly used areas such as restrooms should not have been impacted by budget constraints. For a summary of current custodial services, please go to Additional information regarding cleaning schedules is located at As always, exceptional and emergency facilities-related issues may be reported to 474-7000.

— Kellie Fritze, Facilities Services