Retirement incentive options


I am hearing that some deans are offering retirement incentives for faculty and staff. But I haven’t heard if this is something open to all faculty and staff or just a select few (which I would find quite unfair!)

I would like to know what UAF’s current policy is and if there is such an incentive in place.


Implementing a retirement incentive program, as has been done in the past,  would have to be a systemwide initiative, requiring legislative action and approval by the State of Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits. Additionally, the number of employees in the Optional Retirement Program would limit the feasibility.

The university, along with other public employers, provided feedback on HB 11, a bill introduced by Fairbanks Rep. Scott Kawasaki earlier this year.

However,  there may be options within specific groups of retirement-eligible employees. If you have ideas, please work with your dean, director, vice chancellor or provost.

— Erika Van Flein, director of benefits, Office of Human Resources, UA system