Salary information requests


I read an announcement that the university was going to release employee salary information.  It was reiterated that the information is public and must be disclosed upon request. In the interest of such transparency, would it be possible to publish the identity of the requestor(s)?


We don’t respond online with the identity of individuals who make records requests, since that may have a chilling effect on the exercise of that right.

If the Grapevine requestor wishes to make a request offline, they may and that request would also become a public record.

Ultimately, if we have a record, and we receive a valid written request from an identifiable person or entity, we must produce it, unless it fits within an exception to the Records Act. I’m not aware of any exception that would cover the identity of a person making a public records request unless the disclosure would somehow necessarily reveal some highly sensitive personal information about the requestor that would be covered by the confidential right to privacy, or, e.g., FERPA or HIPAA.  State agencies routinely keep logs of requests, and those are treated as public records.

— Marmian Grimes, UAF public information officer