Snow removal continues to be a challenge


I understand that it can take awhile to plow and move snow, however many parking spots in each lot are covered with mounds of snow. This is severely limiting the available parking spots. I am staff, and when I returned from lunch today, I couldn’t find any place to park. The Nenana lot, Patty Center lot and metered lot were all completely full with cars circling. I finally found a spot in Taku as someone else was pulling out. I was 15 minutes late getting back to my desk because of parking issues. When can we expect snow to be removed from parking spaces?


We are working around the clock with snow removal. Removing the piles of snow from the parking lots has also begun. Weather and budget have been issues, but the Facilities Services crews are doing a great job this week trying to catch up.

— Darrin “Bear” Edson, UAF Facilities Services superintendent of operations