Snow removal on campus


Why are there so many unplowed parking lots and sidewalks on Jan. 4? The storm was nearly a week ago at this point. Most staff returned to work today and I am certain many folks will be stuck if they do not have AWD. It seems entirely logical to have plowed the parking lots during the hard closure while the majority of folks were off campus.


Fairbanks received more than a foot of snow in the recent winter storm. Snow removal crews have been working ever since to make campus accessible. Crews have created more drive lanes and are clearing the larger parking lots on campus. This is big job, and your patience is appreciated.

There is still a considerable amount of snow to be removed, and Facilities Services crews are continuing to clear parking lots and roadways this week. If you have particular concerns about an area, please contact Facilities Services dispatch at x7000.

Thanks for your understanding as we gear up to resume full campus operations next week.

— Kari Burrell, executive officer and vice chancellor for administrative services