Strategic Pathways, the UA president and regents


Are the Board of Regents or the UA President’s Office being reviewed by Strategic Pathways? I might have missed this on the Strategic Pathways website, but it doesn’t appear the President’s Office or the Board of Regents are under any of the same examination or review as other units during the Strategic Pathways process.
It is often repeated in our society that one hallmark of a good leader is the leader’s willingness to do the same as they ask of others. In other words, a good leader won’t ask someone to do something the leader would be unwilling to do themselves. If they are being reviewed, where can I find this information? If the president and Board of Regents are not being reviewed under Strategic Pathways, may I respectfully request a review team be formed and these two units be included for phase 3?


In the spring of 2015, President Pat Gamble charged me with assembling a team to review statewide programs and services to examine the essential role for UA administration. President Jim Johnsen endorsed the plan when he came on board and a group, led by me as chief strategy and budget officer, reviewed all key functions handled at the University of Alaska systemwide offices.

The Board of Regents, appointed by the governor as the policy-making body for the university, was not included in the review.

In April of last year, Johnsen announced more than 113 recommendations, including reductions in functions and positions as well as changes in locations and duties for some staff. Statewide will continue to provide critical policy direction, shared services, lead collaboration efforts and aid in increasing efficiency across the university system.

Many of the recommendations have been implemented or are in progress. Reductions and eliminations at statewide have been significant, with 31 percent fewer people working to provide the same level of service and support required by law and providing necessary services to students and employees across the system. Staffing reductions and review of services in statewide and the President’s Office continues with information technology, human resources, student services, institutional research, university relations, land management and facilities under the Strategic Pathways process.

By the time we’ve completed the Strategic Pathways process, every major program and functional area of the university will have undergone intensive review and reorganization.

For more information on the Transformation Team recommendations and process, click here.

— Michelle Rizk, vice president, university relations, UA system