Accommodating students’ course work needs and safety concerns


If a student is removed from a class to protect her safety due to continued sexual harassment by the class instructor is the University required to make accommodations so the student can complete her course work?


The university will take immediate steps to remedy safety concerns. The student would then be provided with options for completing the class to continue their education. These adjustments may consist of additional time to complete work, taking the class in a different semester, ability to transfer class section or other academic assistance specific to the circumstance. If you have specific concerns or needs, please contact the Title IX coordinator, Margo Griffith, at 907-474-7300 or Also, to speak with a confidential resource, the Resource and Advocacy Center offers guidance at 130 Wood Center, or 24 hours at 907-474-6360.

— Margo Griffith, Title IX coordinator, and director, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity