Suggestion on issue frequency


Since the Cornerstone went from a weekly issue to a daily issue, I actually end up reading it far less frequently. With informal discussions with folks around the office, that is also the case with them.

I really don’t mind skimming the titles of individual posts within an issue to skip over items that don’t interest me, but only once a week.

Perhaps you could consider going back to a weekly issue with infrequent daily updates for items that come up from time to time that won’t fit a weekly calendar?



We recently moved to a daily newsletter based on feedback from a pilot test group and campus survey. The daily format provideS employees more timely information than is possible with a weekly issue and gives more flexibility for submissions. The daily format also allows for a handful of items to be seen at a glance or two, rather than a longer scroll required by the weekly format. We’ll be assessing the frequency of the newsletter, including possibly adjusting the frequency or offering a weekly digest format. Please watch for those surveys in the coming months.  

— Tori Tragis, internal communications manager, University Relations