Tobacco-free campus enforcement


UAF is now a “tobaccofree” campus. Despite this, some students and visitors continue to use tobacco products on university property (including in some buildings). How does the university enforce this policy?


Smoking and the use of all tobacco and tobacco-related products are prohibited within all university real property, buildings and vehicles. Littering an area with, or with the remains of, tobacco-related or smoking-related products is also prohibited. This prohibition applies to all university events, events held on university grounds or property and applies to all members of the university community including faculty, staff, students, friends, volunteers, patients, customers, vendors, contractors, guests and visitors.

Implementation of this UA regulation (pdf) relies heavily on the consideration and cooperation of both smokers and nonsmokers. Concerns about enforcement of this regulation should be referred to the appropriate unit for review and action:

  • Students — to the university student affairs representative.
  • Faculty, staff and volunteers — to their supervisors.
  • Contractors and vendors — to their employers and/or UAF Procurement and Contract Services.

Visitors and guests may be required to leave campus if they fail to conform to the policy or regulation.

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— Carla Browning, Grapevine administrator