Tobacco use on campus near the library


Regarding UAF being a tobacco-free campus. At what point will this be dealt with as it pertains to the excessive amount of foot traffic that leads to the back of the library? We have had several employees report this, but still to date nothing has been done.  Seems as though that supervisors should be enforcing this as much as they do the required safety training as an employee of the UA system.


The no-tobacco ban is university policy. If you are aware of individuals not in compliance, reporting to their supervisors is the right thing to do. Noncompliance is being handled as a personnel issue — and supervisors can consult with the UAF Office of Human Resources, if needed, about how to impose a corrective action plan.

If noncompliance is reported to a supervisor, and if it is not clear whether the supervisor is acting on it, the concerns can also be shared with directors, deans, Human Resources or the UA hotline.

— Kari Burrell, vice chancellor for administrative services