Travel reimbursement delays


I have heard from a number of people in various departments on campus that travel reimbursement is taking a very long time (for example 6 months). Can you please tell me how long a traveler should expect to wait for reimbursement? Specifically, how long from the time they turn in receipts to their travel person until they receive a TER to sign?  How long from a signed TER to seeing the direct deposit? While I realize every department is different, is there any consensus on what is reasonable? Thanks.


I can’t answer for department process and time frames, but here at Central Travel we now pay as travel documents come in (UAF Travel Reimbursement and Audit Processes), so there is no delay. Travel documents are keyed within three to five days.

We advise departments to manage the completions of their documents. If there is a delay of one to two weeks from the time the department sends the document to us and they have not received an email requesting more information, they are encouraged to contact us.

UA regulations state:

d. General Reimbursement
(1) Reimbursement of travel expenses will be made to the traveler within 15 business days after receipt of a properly completed and approved travel expense report by the business or travel office.

— Dawniel Dupee, travel auditor, UAF Office of Finance and Accounting