UAF vehicle at private residence overnight


I keep seeing a UAF truck E4339 coming from a residence.  It is not a work truck marked “24-hour response vehicle” like the workers have. I didn’t think UAF vehicles were supposed to go to homes.  Doesn’t seem like official use.


This vehicle was leased for use on a North Slope field research project. The researchers will be in the field for several weeks. In the days leading up to the project, the trucked is packed with field gear — some of the field gear belonging to the university and stored at the university, and some of the gear belonging to the employees and stored in their homes. While I don’t know all the details about this particular incident, I do know that vehicles are reserved for several days prior to a large field excursions in order to accomplish various trip-related errands around town — often including obtaining gear from people’s homes.

— Bill Schnabel, director, UAF Institute of Northern Engineering