Please stop directing motorized vehicles to use the nonmotorized Anvik Trail


For five years, the Anvik Trail between the Taku and Ballaine parking lots and the intersection of Tanana Loop and North Tanana Drive has been used by vehicles. I’ve seen Facilities Services, UAF police, contractors and the occasional private vehicle drive up and sometimes down the hill. Most recently, the UAF shuttle has begun using trail to service the route between the Taku hut and the rest of campus. Over the last month, the trail surface has deformed and ruts have developed in several sections.

Except where there is an actual need, I think motorized vehicles should exit Taku and Ballaine via Farmers Loop and re-enter campus via North Tanana Drive or Alumni Drive. If there is a problem with that intersection, then we should be addressing those issues with either the DOT or the FNSB as appropriate. Using a trail as a shortcut for vehicles is not a long-term solution and I would like to see UAF take steps to restore the Anvik Trail to non-motorized use only.


Thank you for your submission. At this time the section of the Anvik Trail you are referring to is posted for “Authorized Vehicle Use Only.” The trail will be improved once things dry out next spring. During spring breakup the shuttle bus will use Alumni Drive.

— Darrin Edson, superintendent of operations, Facilities Services