Where do the contents of the university recycling bins go?


I noticed that the recycling station in the Taku lot is gone. This got me thinking about the blue mixed paper bins in offices and hallways here on campus. Where are the contents of these bins going these days? Are they still being recycled, or are they getting mixed in with the regular trash?


As of today, the paper is going to the landfill. We, however, are working with the Fairbanks North Star Borough and trying to find a fix for the situation. We do not want to pull the bins yet, as we are hoping the recycling center for the FNSB will be operational soon enough.

Anyone choosing to can take their paper to the Rescue Mission for recycling, as they can handle the small amounts.

We are taking the baled cardboard from the Wood Center to the Rescue Mission also, but they are not ready for the main campus’ loose paper, at least not at the volume we generate.

— Darren “Bear” Edson, superintendent of operations, Facilities Services