Why is the campus post office so slow in delivering packages?


My tracking numbers for packages indicate that my packages have left Anchorage over a week ago, yet they’re still not delivered to me. This is extremely frustrating as I am waiting on textbooks for my classes. They should have arrived over a week ago.

I heard on good authority that packages are backed up to August 30th (today is September 6th) and that they can’t put package slips into mailboxes due to all the lockers being full, and that there isn’t enough shelf space for the packages, so basically they’re just all piled up in the back somewhere.

I’m sure there are other students in the same predicament. Also, the kiosk for mailing packages always seems to be broken. There has to be a more efficient way to run the campus post office.


The Fairbanks campus mail center processed around 900 packages both for students and departments Sept. 5-8, which was a lot for our small department, but we apologize for the delay. Everything is caught up now. To help expedite delivery, all mail should have the person’s or department’s name and the correct post office box number. Departments should also have their PO box number on the website and not just the street address.
The kiosk continues to have some problems, but mail center staff is available to help Monday to Friday, noon to 3 p.m. A technician is coming to work on the kiosk again.
— Deanna Lazarus, manager, campus mail center